Asean Summit, Bali Police Holds Ops Puri Agung III-2023 By Releasing Hundreds of Personnel

Bali Indonesia,- Media Dinamika Global.Id.-Hundreds of Bali Police personnel who are members of Ops Puri Agung III-2023 carried out a security readiness call in order to support the security of the 42nd Asean Summit in Labuan Bajo, NTT.

 The rally which was held at the Bali Police Headquarters, Tuesday (9/5) focused on securing the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam's VVIP guests, aircraft and crew while in Bali.

 Karo Ops Bali Police, Nuryanto, S.I.K., M.Sc.  said that the implementation of the 42nd Asean Summit in Labuan Bajo, NTT would be held for three days from 9-11 May 2023. To secure the implementation of these activities, the National Police Headquarters together with relevant stakeholders carried out a centralized operation codenamed Operation Komodo 2023.

 Even though the Summit was held in Labuan Bajo, security was not only carried out in Labuan Bajo, but also in the surrounding areas, including Bali.  This was done because several heads of state and delegations from Asean countries will land or transit at Bali's I Gusti Ngurah Airport before carrying out their journey to Labuan Bajo.

 In addition, there are also heads of state who will be staying in Bali during the 2023 Asean Summit, namely the Head of State and Prime Minister of Brunei Darussalam Sultan Hasanah Bolkiah

 "Apart from securing heads of state and delegations, the Bali Police will also participate in securing aircraft and flight crews for heads of Asean countries who will park at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. This is because Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo has limited aircraft parking capacity and is unable to accommodate  all planes of heads of state who will attend the Asean Summit," said Nuryanto

 Officer Melati Tiga on her shoulder explained, in supporting the security of the 42nd Asean Summit in Labuan Bajo, the Bali Police also carried out a counter-security operation codenamed Operation Puri Agung III-2023.  The operation will also be carried out for three days from 9-11 May 2023 involving 448 personnel, divided into 6 Task Forces.

 Furthermore, it will carry out security at several locations such as I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport, travel routes from I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport to the hotel and vice versa, the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Hotel as the residence of the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam and the location for the crew of state aircraft around the Nusa Dua area.

 Just like the security concept that was implemented before, this time the security operation will continue to carry out the zoning concept and the security ring pattern which will collaborate both with elements of the TNI and other relevant stakeholders.

 From the active experience in carrying out security operations like this, I hope that all personnel involved do not under estimate the situation on the ground.  Intelligence staff to continue monitoring and detecting potential disturbances that exist, report them immediately and do not let the slightest disturbance arise.  All personnel to recognize the security area, stay alert and increase the sense of crisis," said Nuryanto

  Head of Bali Police Public Relations, Kombes Pol.  Satake Bayu, S.I.K., M.Sc. separately said that this troop rally was a means to check the strength of personnel and infrastructure that would be used during operations in the field.

 "The ceremony will also be a medium for consolidating personnel who will carry out security duties later, as well as equalizing perceptions and ways of acting in the field," concluded Bayu.( Netti Herawati ).

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